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Expedited Freight

Delta Force Transport & Logsitics

Provide your shipment and contact information. We’ll handle any weight, freight type, distance or pallet count.

Expedited Freight

Versatile Trucking Options

No matter the size of your shipment or where in North America it needs to go, Expedited Transportation has the transportation to accommodate your needs. From straight trucks both large and small to cargo tractor trailers, our wide range of trucking options allow us to make Expedited LTL shipments that are both prompt and cost-efficient.

Expedited LTL Services Include:

  • Local & Regional Shipments

  • Nationwide Shipments

  • Local Pick Up & Delivery Services

  • Next Day Delivery

  • Second Day Delivery

  • Third Day Delivery

  • Three to Five Day Delivery

Partner with Expedited Transportation as your Expedited LTL provider and enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive logistics services. From expert customer support to tracking systems and Just-in-Time (JIT) services, we understand the importance of superior business intelligence.

Superior Business Intelligence

Expedited Trucking provides businesses with direct shipment capabilities, eliminating unnecessary stops and transfers, and ultimately reducing costs of potential damages and transit times. Expedited Transportation also provides tracking systems so you always know the location and ETA of your expedited shipments, as well as expert customer service where you can receive regular updates and constant communication regarding your shipments.

Expedited Trucking Services Include:

  • Direct Trucking

  • LTL Shipments

  • Local Delivery

  • Regional & National Delivery

  • Hot Shot Delivery

  • Same Day Delivery

  • Expedited Shipping Services Include:

  • Full Truckload & Expedited LTL

  • Local Delivery

  • Regional & National Delivery

  • Same Day Trucking

  • Hot Shot Delivery

  • As a leader in Expedited Shipping, Expedited Transportation's wide-ranging services aren’t limited to the ground. For long distance shipments that are on a tight schedule, there is no substitute for air delivery. Expedited Transportation offers Air Freight and Air Charter services to ensure there is always a fast, efficient route to your shipment’s destination.

Expedited Shipping Services

Faster Delivery Times

Expedited shipping services offer faster delivery times than standard shipping services, because sometimes you have critical timelines you need to meet. We’ll deliver quickly and safely.

Customized Solutions

Delivery time, pickup, delivery locations, and packaging requirements can all be tailored to suit your specific needs and the needs of your shipment.

Priority Handling

We can ensure that your shipment gets priority, so you know your freight will arrive in the quickest way possible.

24/7 Tracking and Customer Support

Our 24/7 tracking and customer support ensures you can monitor the shipment’s progress and receive updates on any issues or delays.

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