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Rockwell Automation and Nvidia Join Forces to Propel AI Applications in Manufacturing to New Heights

Technology News

Jun 12, 2024

Technology news

Manufacturing, a $15 trillion global industry, shapes every facet of human life, from essential necessities like clean water and food to life-saving medicines, sustainable energy solutions, and advancements in automotive mobility. Rockwell Automation is poised to lead this industry forward by envisioning the factory of the future, facilitating the seamless digitization of industrial processes for automation customers.

The forthcoming era of manufacturing will see factories enhancing their capabilities in various ways: through heightened sensing via machine vision, accelerated calculation speeds of control systems, enriched simulation capabilities using learning agents, widespread adoption of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and the implementation of generative AI (GenAI) experiences to empower frontline operators with enhanced information retrieval capabilities.

Jordan Reynolds, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy at Rockwell Automation, emphasizes the significance of the partnership with Nvidia in driving future industrial operations and unlocking value across Rockwell's portfolio, spanning from cloud-based solutions to the factory floor.

Rockwell's integration of the NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud API with its Emulate3D digital twin application is a pivotal step in this journey. This integration enables users to benefit from enhanced data interoperability, real-time collaboration, and physics-based visualization, empowering them to design, build, and operate digital twins of industrial-scale production systems more efficiently.

Rev Lebardian, VP of Omniverse and Analog Technology at Nvidia, underscores the growing demand for computational speed in creating, simulating, and operating large-scale digital twins. He highlights how Rockwell's integration of the NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud API with Emulate3D streamlines predictive factory analysis, including operations and simulations.

Driven by labor shortages and a focus on higher efficiency, there is a robust demand for intelligent automation and robots in manufacturing and logistics. Rockwell, leveraging the Nvidia robotics platform and its recent acquisition of OTTO Motors, is well-positioned to meet this demand by providing AMR and process automation applications to industrial customers.

A recent survey by Rockwell indicates that manufacturers overwhelmingly recognize the critical role of AI in maximizing business outcomes, with 83% planning to integrate GenAI into their 2024 operations. This partnership solidifies Nvidia's position as an official member of the Rockwell PartnerNetwork, offering Rockwell customers access to Nvidia's applications to enhance operational resilience, flexibility, and sustainability.

The collaboration between Rockwell Automation and Nvidia was prominently featured at the NVIDIA GTC global AI event in San Jose, California, from March 18 to 21, 2024, showcasing their commitment to advancing technology and driving innovation in manufacturing.

About Rockwell Automation:

Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK) is a global leader in industrial automation, digitalization, and transformation. Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, USA, with approximately 29,000 employees and operations in over 100 countries, Rockwell is dedicated to harnessing the potential of human imagination and technology to create a more productive and sustainable world.

About Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork:

Rockwell Automation believes in the power of collaboration. Through its PartnerNetwork, Rockwell provides a broad ecosystem of global partners, offering market-leading technology, exceptional support and services, and a comprehensive, streamlined approach to business. This collaborative network enables businesses to thrive globally by leveraging innovative technologies and services that no single vendor can provide alone.

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