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Discover the Requirements for Military Freight Hauling with SDDC

DFTL Press Release

Jun 8, 2024

Exploring Opportunities for Freight Carriers in Military Transportation with SDDC

06-08-2024– For freight carrier companies aspiring to venture into military transportation, the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) outlines accessible pathways into this specialized niche. Whether through broker partnerships or direct engagement with the Department of Defense (DOD), carriers can navigate the requirements set forth by SDDC to participate in military freight transportation effectively.

SDDC, the authority overseeing military transportation logistics, provides essential guidelines for carriers looking to engage in DOD freight transportation independently:

1. Obtain a Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC): Freight carriers must acquire a unique SCAC number, issued by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association. This alphanumeric code, reflective of the carrier's name, serves as a prerequisite for transporting DOD freight.

2. Set Up an Electronic Payments Account: Carriers are required to establish an electronic payments account with U.S. Bank Freight Payments. This facilitates seamless receipt of electronic payments for transportation services rendered. Additionally, carriers must attain PowerTrack or Syncada certification to streamline invoicing and payment processes.

3. Fill out an SDDC Online Registration Form: Completing the online registration form on the SDDC platform is mandatory. Prior to submission, carriers must ensure they possess their SCAC and Syncada registration details. Upon review, SDDC will respond within three business days, outlining the status of the application.

4. Obtain a DOD Performance Bond: Following successful registration with SDDC, carriers must procure a DOD performance bond. These bonds, mandated by SDDC, are essential for carriers engaged in military freight transportation. The bond amount varies based on company size and operational scope.

"Entering the realm of military freight transportation offers significant opportunities for carriers," remarked [Spokesperson's Name], spokesperson for SDDC. "By adhering to our outlined requirements, carriers can effectively contribute to the vital mission of supporting the Department of Defense."

For carriers seeking to expand their operations into military transportation and access comprehensive guidelines, visit [SDDC website link].

Public Affairs Officer Surface Deployment and Distribution Command

About Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC):

The Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) serves as the primary logistics provider for the Department of Defense (DoD), overseeing global transportation operations. By establishing clear guidelines and requirements, SDDC facilitates the seamless movement of military freight, ensuring mission readiness and effectiveness.

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