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Oil & Gas Industry

Houston,Texas| SugarLand,Texas

Services & Benefits

Project Increase the scope and efficiency of your supply chain with PLS Energy Services.




77 Sugar Creek Center Blvd #600

SugarLand,Texas 77478

Why Delta Force Transport & Logistics

Delta force Transport & Logistics Services we provided top-notch logistics services for our customers in the oil and gas fields. We can handle your oil and gas transportation needs, including rail logistics, barge shipments.


We understand the critical nature of on-time delivery, moving large freight to remote areas, consolidating different transportation modes, and shipping hazardous materials. Our extensive energy services experience, trusted carrier network  innovative transportation management system will make your supply chain machine run smoothly and efficiently. 


Every day, large industrial shippers, established companies, and growing businesses rely on Logistics Services to move their freight more efficiently. Full-service flatbed trucking and specialized transportation of equipment and materials to rig locations, storage yards, and job site.


Logistics Services


  • Casing and tubing delivery 

  • Long haul and flatbed trucking for freight of any size and weight 

  • Line pipe and stringing 

  • Rig site delivery 

  • Transportation of oilfield equipment, supplies, or production equipment, as well as exploration and development equipment  

  • Logistic Services 

  • Trans-loading services 

  1. Ground transport
    • Heavy haul & project cargo services for complex shipments Heavy lift services


      ​Specialty goods

      • Vendor consolidation

      • Project & supply chain management

relevant skills and highlights, and don't forget to adjust the timeframe 


  1. Benefits

    • Safely transport heavy equipment and supplies

    • Coordinate vendors, equipment, and deliveries across the globe

    • Meet all regulatory standards to maintain compliance

    • Meet project timelines and budgets

    • Minimize non-operational downtime

Supply Chain Management

  • Complete maritime logistics services

  • Urgent airfreight solutions

  • Customs engineering

  • Documents and certificates issuance

Project Management

  • Oversized land transportation

  • Obstacle removal and civil works

  • Port equipment and stevedores hiring

  • Gearless/geared/heavy-lifters vessel chartering

  • Engineering consultancy

  • O.S. issuance prior operation stage

Oil Rigs assistance:

  • Relocation of complete RIGs On/offshore

  • On/Offshore crew assistance

  • Agency division


  • Inventory and Transportation DL issuing

  • Labeling and digital cargo identification

  • In bond, open, dedicated warehousing

  • Monitoring and surveillance

  • Preservation and maintenance logistics

  • Draining, cleaning and fumigation services

We offer a variety of services for Oil & Gas industry, ranging from Supply Chain Management to Project management and Oil Rig assistance:

Why Should Companies Choose
Our Oil & Gas Logistics Solutions?

Providing companies with best-in-class and personalized logistics services.
This has led to the completion of several successful projects globally. Here are some of them.


Transportation &

We provide secure and cost-effective transportation and distribution of oil & gas freight by leveraging our worldwide network of carriers and agents.

Oil derrick

Consulting &
Management Services

Our partnerships with oil & gas manufacturers and suppliers around the world help us provide you expert consulting & management services related to this industry.

Gas Plant

Customs &

Our expert customs professionals facilitate the secure and seamless customs clearance of your oil & gas cargo across international borders.


For your oilfield needs, we specialize in:

  • Transport and disposal of produced saltwater

  • Pump out pits and tanks

  • Deliver and set frac tanks

  • Transport fresh water for drilling and fracing

  • Transport and dispose of frac fluids

  • Dispose of all drilling muds

Full-Service Oilfield Transportation And Logistics Solutions

Reliable, safe, and expert support for the complex and dynamic needs of the industry – from expedited land transportation to on-site services for moving drilling rigs and equipment

Delta Force Transport & Logistics

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