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Delta Force Transport & Logistics

Reliable Capacity.
Helpful Technology.
Strategic Partnership.

Freight Brokerage

Whether you’re a carrier or a shipper, you want to align with a freight brokerage you can trust. You need someone with the industry reputation, resources and relationships to get the job done the right way — no matter the circumstances. More importantly, in an industry with tight deadlines and the potential for inclement weather, equipment failure or other unforeseen circumstances, you need a truck broker that will stand by you if something happens. Whether your freight is going to or coming from local, state, or federal institutions, we maintain all required certifications to ship both government and military freight nationwide. Delta Force Transport & Logistics is capable of fulfilling critical shipment requirements efficiently and confidentially. We provide services through GSA With our knowledge and expertise, you can ship confidently with .

Military Freight

Military freight shipping company for trucks used by the U.S. armed forces. We have the transport and dispatch capabilities to provide specialist military truck moving services and meet deadlines, even if they're within 24 hours. Our nationwide fleet can accommodate a wide variety of vehicles, from field ambulances to heavy artillery carriers. We have heavy-duty RGN trailers, lowboys, step decks, and specialized cargo-handling equipment at your service.


We can expedite shipments to all U.S. military bases. We can also ship military troop, weapon carrier trucks, and other military equipment that has been demilitarized to army surplus stores, ready for sale to civilians. Military freight shipments often include the shipping of military vehicles and demilitarized military equipment, on flatbeds, RGN, and step deck trailers. Even for shipments that require permits, we can arrange all the necessary paperwork to get your military freight on the road as soon as practical. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an efficient service without compromising on safety. All of our drivers are highly-skilled and trained in the use of specialist cargo.

General Freight

FreightCenter partners with a large network of freight companies. Most of these are general freight carriers, with a fair share of specialized freight carriers.

FreightCenter has general freight carriers that offer Truckload (TL) freight shipping services, while others offer Less-than-Truckload (LTL) freight shipping services. We have separate divisions of freight shipping agents for each service. While these two services sound like they are simple variations on general freight shipping, TL and LTL freight shipping actually operate in very different ways.

What they have in common is that FreightCenter gives you the ability to compare rates and estimated shipping times from general freight carriers that are available to ship your cargo.

High-Vaule/ High Security

Our commitment to the safety and security of your freight begins with understanding the requirements for your specific shipment and your carefully crafted standards of care, contracting with a select group of carriers, applying our innovative “ dispatch” approach to all shipments, and ends with the safe, seamless and unscathed on-time delivery of your valuable product.


We Integrate Technology to offer the Best Service

DELTA FORCE  WEBENC_edited_edited.jpg

We go further to ensure your freight arrives safely and in-tact. Our shipping methods provide secure delivery, and prevent damage by assisting with loading and unloading of cargo. Rest assured that your freight will be safe and secure with the additional services that we offer for high-tech freight.


  • Air-ride vehicles

  • Pads, straps, and load bars

  • Temperature-controlled equipment for data protection and integrity

  • Driver identification and verification

  • Team assignment to high security shipments

  • Satellite tracked vehicles

  • 24/7/365 surveillance

  • Door sensors and untethered trailer tracking

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